Woman Saves Man’s Life During Fourth Of July Party Thanks To CPR Knowledge

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A woman’s knowledge – and use – of CPR has inspired a township to offer classes to its residents.
It was last year’s Fourth of July celebration on Cordella Street in Jefferson Township that put it all in motion.
“A gentleman and his grandson were walking along the sidewalk just on the other side of the pond, and one of our friends yelled, ‘We need help.’ So basically, I was in the back yard and immediately ran to the sidewalk,” said resident Margaret Gibson.
In a 911 call that day, a caller told dispatchers that the man was in cardiac arrest.
Gibson, a physical therapist trained in CPR, immediately started chest compressions and CPR.
It was the first time she ever had to use her training in real life.
“You don’t necessarily think you might have to do it,” Gibson said. “It definitely was a surprise for us. I was so glad we were able to help him.”
Fire officials said that her knowledge of CPR helped save Mitko Veloski, a grandfather who lives in the neighborhood.
“Ultimately, they’re the ones what saved his life,” said Jefferson Township Fire Battalion Chief Chris Heaton said. “Early CPR is definitive in the successful outcome of the event.”
The event sparked interest in further CPR training for the community.
In response, the fire department now was classes available.
“He’s very grateful, and he should be grateful to the neighbors,” Heaton said. “They’re the ones that saved his life that day.”
Citizens and non-citizens are welcome to the CPR and First Aid classes at the Jefferson Township Fire Station.
The first class will be held July 14. The classes are each about three hours long.
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