Woman Robbed At Kroger, Thief Caught By Witnesses


Good Samaritans took up the task of catching the person who robbed a woman.

Rosemary Smith, 62, cashed her check at the Kroger customer service counter Monday morning, but a man followed her out of the store located along Soldano Boulevard.

Smith's brother, James, had gone to the car to pull it up to the store.

As Rosemary made her way into the car, the man who followed her from the store snatched her wallet with the cash inside.

 "All I saw when I got out of the car was her falling down and yelling 'He's got my wallet,'" said James.

The thief ran through the parking lot but did not get far.

Several people grabbed the thief without  hesitation to make sure he did not get away.

Rosemary is now on the mend.

"Her knees weren't real good at the time anyway but then when she got knocked down it just made it worse. She was in the hospital until like 3 o'clock in the morning," said James.

She is thankful the money was not lost, thanks to some Good Samaritans who put themselves at risk to catch a thief.

"That was awesome. I mean westsiders stick up for everybody. They really do," James said.

Richie Lee Dennison, 38, was the man detained at the scene. Authorities said he admitted to taking the purse.

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