Woman Reports Punching Man Who Allegedly Exposed Himself In Grandview Heights


A woman says she punched a man who allegedly exposed himself to her in Grandview Heights last week.

The victim told police she was being followed by a man on West 3rd Avenue on Wednesday after 10 p.m.

She said the man had his shorts pulled down and was engaged in a sex act.

Linda Osterman of Grandview Heights says she was walking home after having dinner with a friend when she saw the man near a bush.

“He's walking about ten feet behind me with his pants open, zipper down,” she says.

Osterman says she kept walking, but the man kept following her so she kept walking faster.

“I picked up my pace, and I could tell he picked up his pace,” said Osterman.

She says the man did not say a word until she got about 20 feet from her house.

“He said, ‘Hey, I want to show you something,’” added Osterman.

Linda says she ignored him, hoping he would leave; but he kept getting closer.

“I could feel my hair on his body. He almost seems to be walking with his legs outside of my legs,” she said.

By now, they were walking up her driveway. That's when Linda says he touched her shoulder, and she spun around.

“I hit him in the stomach as hard as I could, and I hit him pretty hard because my hand was bleeding where my rings went into my skin", she said.

But the punch didn't get the result she hoped. She says the suspect stood there, so she yelled.

She called him a name and screamed “Get away from me, get out of here!”

She says that is when he left.

Linda says the suspect was young, about 25, which made this ordeal even more disturbing for her.

“I've got kids that age. I've got boys that age. I've got a daughter that age,” she said.

As for the punch, she said she landed a good one.

Osterman says thankfully the long walk to her home bought her time to think of a plan to fight back.

“Had he jumped out up from behind a bush and grabbed me, I wouldn't have had that time", said Osterman.

There have been at least four reported cases of men exposing themselves in the Grandview area over the last two months.

Police said they do not believe the incidents are tied.

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