Woman Reports Man Exposing Himself In Worthington Park

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A woman called 911 on Saturday to report a man with his pants down in the park.

It happened around 8 p.m. in Perry Park, off Collins Drive, in Worthington.

A mother who was jogging on the trail with her children encountered the man.

“I'm here at the park with my kids, and I went into the woods, inside the woods, and I saw an old man with his pants down,” said the caller.

People using the park on Tuesday said they had always felt safe there.

“We live in a neighborhood just over there, and I always come running here,” said 17-year-old Hana Estice.

The mother who reported the exposer says she was happy to get her family off the trail before the children saw what was going on.

Police hope it’s an isolated incident, but people in the park told 10TV they plan to be safe and stick together.

“I was really surprised because I've been here with a friend before and it seems safe.  There's a playground here and a lot of children come.  I was just really shocked,” said Estice.