Woman Raises Safety Concerns Over Bus Stop Removal


A woman is worried about her safety after COTA revealed plans to remove the bus stop close to her North Columbus home.

480 feet may not seem like much, but Maxine Rogers says even a short distance makes a big difference.
"It's safer here because there are people around here if I need help," Rogers said.
Right now, Rogers uses the bus stop at Chittenden and North Grant Avenues. It is near her home.
In a few weeks, that stop will be gone.
She showed us the next closest one, which is on 11th Avenue. It's 480 feet away.
"It's dangerous over there and dark," she said. "So there's nobody around."
Rogers says the bus stop is surrounded by abandoned homes, overgrown grass and speeding traffic.
"This is a high crime area, and it's dangerous to stand over there," she said.
COTA is closing the stop September 2.
A spokesperson said they are constantly evaluating all stops as a way to improve the experience for bus riders.
"We want to make sure that the people who use our service find it convenient," said COTA spokesman Marty Stutz. "That they're getting to their destinations in a decent amount of time, not just stopping and stopping all the time on their way to their destination."
Stutz said that research shows the stop at Chittenden and North Grant isn't used that often.
"We realized that on a regular, daily basis there were only five ons and offs," he said. "Which could be two people, or it could be one person using the bus all day long."
Stutz added that the safety of passengers is always taken into consideration. He was not aware of any safety issues at either stop.
He also said that COTA always holds public hearings before closing a stop. In this case, no safety concerns were brought forward by the public.

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