Woman Plans Protest Over Death Of Son Who Was Shot By Richland County Deputies


A Richland County woman is demanding answers -- and justice -- in the shooting death of her son by Richland County Sheriff's deputies.

After nearly six months, there has been very little movement in the investigation into Brian Garber's death, and no charges have been filed.

His mother, Connie Garber, and other family members are friends will hold a protest Thursday morning in front of the Richland County Courthouse.

The 28-year-old Lexington, Ohio, man died in a deputy-involved shooting last March.

The room where he was shot and killed has remained untouched since that tragic March 16th night.

Connie Garber says she can't bear to look at it or remove the last traces of his final moments.

"Five seconds up those stairs -- they didn't identify themselves, they didn't ask my son if that was him," Garber said. "And they shot him 14 times just sitting on a bed."

Connie says her son and his wife had been having marital problems  - he was angry, and had been sending threatening text messages.

In one, he claimed to have a gun...

"But he didn't have a gun," said Garber. "I knew he didn't. I knew my son. I knew he didn't."

In the course of about an hour, from the time Connie and her daughter-in-law made the first 911 calls for help, Brian was dead.

"He's my only child, and he didn't deserve this," Garber said. "No one would deserve this. All they had to do was ask him to come out of the room with his hands up."

Connie says Brian was sitting unarmed on a bed when Richland County sheriff's deputies charged into their home and up the stairs. 

Within seconds, she says, they fired several shots into his room.

The case is now in the hands of the Ohio Bureau of Criminal Investigation. Officials declined to comment on Connie's claims of what happened, or the number of bullets fired. 

They tell 10TV they just received the coroner's report last week. 

Connie Garber is asking for answers and has organized a peaceful protest where they will carry signs, hoping to be heard.

"And I don't want this covered up" said Garber. "They murdered him in cold blood."

Representatives with the BCI won't say exactly when they will meet with the Richland County Prosecutor's Office to turn over their findings but say it will take place sometime this week. 

Tomorrow's protest will take place on Thursday at 7:30 a.m. outside the 50 Park Avenue East building. 

10TV called the Richland County Prosecutor's Office.  

No one has returned those calls.

10TV also requested a copy of the autopsy report, but it was denied, based on the claim that the case is still under active investigation.