Woman Looking For Missing Dog Told ‘Lost’ Signs Were Illegal

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A woman looking for her missing dog was told by city officials that her “lost dog” signs were illegal, 10TV’s Josh Poland reported Friday.

Jody Gardner said that her 2-year-old Afghan Hound disappeared in December.

“We’re not really sure what happened, but we’ve been pursuing searching for her ever since then,” Gardner said.

Gardner has been working to find her dog, Flower, by putting up signs on poles, banners in the front yards of those who will let her and pamphlets at businesses.

“We miss her a lot,” Gardner said. “She’s part of our family. We’ll do everything we can to find her.”

Gardner said that at one point, she had more than 100 signs around town.

Then, the city told her there was a problem, Poland reported.

“We actually received complaints from citizens about the number of these signs and the duration that they had been up,” Newark Law Director Doug Sassen said.

Sassen said that lost dog signs are considered temporary promotional signs and require permits.

“Those signs are permitted but subject to certain restrictions, and they require a permit,” Sassen said.

Gardner said that she picked up her permit from the city on Friday, but her signs were only allowed to be displayed for 30 days.

The current city ordinance allows residents to receive two 30-day ordinances each year, Poland reported.

“When you’re looking for a missing, living thing, that may not be reasonable, depending on how long a person or an animal has been missing,” Gardner said.

Gardner said that she hoped city officials would consider changing its current ordinance to give her more time to search for Flower.

City officials said that its safety committee would discuss the ordinance at its next meeting.

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