Woman Helps Lead Police To Man Who Shot Girlfriend

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A woman who thought she was going to be a gunman's second victim is telling her story.

She is the ex-girlfriend of 50-year-old Kenneth Herring. Police shot and killed Herring Wednesday night after they say he shot his current girlfriend in the face.

The woman didn't want to share her name out of fear.

"I'm just worried about, is anybody going to try to retaliate for me calling the police?" said Kenneth Herring's ex-girlfriend.

The tears rolled down her face and occasionally the beeping of her home alarm system could be heard while 10TV interviewed her.

"He been calling me all day and it was weird cuz he told me he wanted to see me," said the woman.

She put Herring off several times. She says they dated for a couple months and broke up recently. She got uneasy with his mood swings.

"He went from like a normal person to an enraged person and back to a normal person." said the ex-girlfriend. "He called me and said he was about to do something. Then he called me. Then he told me he did something, but I said I don't know what you did. I don't want to know."

But she found out. A friend of Richell Dixon called and said Herring had gone to Dixon's house and shot her. Herring called again right after. The woman felt as if she would be his next target.

"I didn't tell him that I knew. I played my role because I didn't want him to know. I figured if he knew I knew, he'd probably just come here and randomly fire and shoot at my house," said the woman.

Herring kept calling, saying he was headed to her house.  She called police.

"When I was in the shower, he was knocking on my front door," the woman said.

She was terrified. Her two children were in the house. Herring eventually left and went to a friend's house. Through his calls to her, police tracked him down.  Police said he made a threatening move at them and they opened fire. He was shot and killed.

"I was here when the radio call came in. They was in my house," said the woman.

Herring's dead, but she's still consumed by terror.

"I don't know if I'm safe here," she said.

Dixon is recovering at Grant Medical Center. She was in fair condition Thursday night.