Woman Gets Handed Hundreds In Fake Cash During Craigslist Sale


Audre Berk said she turned to Craigslist as she has many times before, when she had trouble making ends meet.

"I got into a bad relationship and I had money stolen from me, so I had to sell my TV in order to pay my rent. So, I put it on Craigslist," said Berk.

Berk said she posted the one month old 47-inch flat screen television.

A man contacted her that same day, she said, and made arrangements to come see the TV that night.

"You know he came in, I had the TV plugged in, so he saw that it worked, and pretty much handed me the money. I helped him carry the TV out," said Berk.

He handed her four, $100 bills and left, she said.

The next morning, when she went to exchange them for a check to pay her rent, Berk said she was told they were fake.

Blendon Township Police have turned the four counterfeit bills over to the U.S. Secret Service, which is now assisting in the investigation.

Detectives said they periodically come across bogus $10 and $20 bills, but fake $100's are rare.

"I've dealt with Craigslist for years, I never will again. And it sucks for people who use it for legitimate purposes," Berk said.

While she doubts she'll ever be able to trust anyone again, Berk said, she's worried now about how she's going to pay the rent, and running out of time.

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