Woman Forced To Change Number When Internet Hacker Group Mistakenly Posts It Online


It was 1 a.m. Christmas Eve that the Columbus woman started to get the phone calls.

As first, people would just hang up. But the calls then became more threatening.

The victim had no idea what the other people were referring to and she tried to ignore them.

“Then text messages started and they were cursing at me and calling me an evil mother and how could I raise such an evil child,” she told 10TV.

She asked not to be identified by the 10TV because she still fears for her safety.

At one point, she received 110 text messages in a five minute timespan. She called one of the numbers to try and figure out what was going on.

“He started telling me this story about this rape that had occurred in Steubenville, OH and how my phone number was listed on the internet as the parent or the student himself,” she explained.

“I’ve never seen these kids before. Ive never even been to Stubenville. I had no idea where it was until Wednesday,” she explained.

She determined that the number posted online by the Internet hacker group ‘Anonymous’ included the 614 area code instead of a 740 area code.

The victim has changed her number and the group has now changed the number online.
“Those that are calling its great that you feel appaled by it but even so what you're doing isn't helping anyone,” she said.

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