Woman Discusses Visit To Home Searched In Connection With Death Of Pregnant Mother


Police records show that officers have visited the home searched in connection with the death of a pregnant mother multiple times.

Police searched the northeast Columbus home for hours on Thursday, searching for clues about Deanna Ballman. Detectives were seen removing a computer tower, laptop, camera and mouse from the home as well as a brown bag. 10TV is not identifying the man because he has not been charged.

According to police records, officers responded to the home 11 times in recent years, some incidents involving disagreements with women.

10 Investigates learned that on three occasions, women complained of altercations with the doctor who lives in the home. Two of the women claimed to have met the man on Craigslist.

"I think he lured girls," said one of the women who answered a Craigslist ad from the doctor.

The woman said she thought she was answering an ad for a good-paying modeling job.

"He said he paid about $300."

The woman said the doctor, who lives in the New Albany area, promised no nudity and that he just wanted to paint organs on her stomach.

"He said he was part of the medical field, so I thought it was legit, because, you know, doctors are pretty legit."

When she arrived with her father-in-law, the doctor insisted he leave.

"So (my father-in-law) said, ‘You know what, we're not going to do that. You're perverted.’ That's not right, you don't do that to a 19-year-old girl. I thought it was really creepy that he would want to lock a girl in a house and paint her body."

The woman's father-in-law called police. The woman she wanted others to learn from her mistakes.

"I would never recommend Craigslist to any young girls."

The doctor who lives in the home has not been charged with any crime.

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