Woman In Custody, Accused Of Swindling People Again


A woman who has a history of scamming couples by pretending to be pregnant or in trouble is once again in police custody.

Authorities arrested 33-year-old Amy Slanina in Ashland after they said she allegedly sought help by falsely telling people she was fleeing an abusive relationship. It's something her past victims in Central Ohio warned could happen again.

In January, victim Lisa Booth sent out a warning about Slanina, “She’ll never stop. As long as these folks keep letting her out of prison, she’ll never stop.”

Booth said that Slanina befriended her and her mother Helen back in 2010 with her story of being pregnant with twins while dealing with abuse from her parents.

Before long, Slanina moved into the Booth's home and began borrowing large sums of money.

One day, she disappeared.

“A light bulb went off,” Booth said. “I went and grabbed my purse and my checkbook. Two checks were gone. Then I looked for my charge card. It was gone. I thought, ‘Oh my God.’”

Authorities eventually caught Slanina and in court the Booth's learned she had a history of convictions from California to Texas to Tennessee.

The allegations include theft, identity theft and multiple cases of surrogacy fraud. Salnina was convicted and released in July 2011. Ten days later, she failed to check in with her parole officer.

In January, Salnina was arrested near Pittsburg after allegedly telling officials at a domestic violence shelter that her husband was a police officer and that she feared for her life.

Officials allegedly found evidence that she was scamming an Idaho couple looking to adopt a baby girl. The shelter told 10TV that Salnina found the couple online and convinced them she would give up her baby.

Slanina was supposed to stand trial in Pennsylvania in September but, again, she disappeared.

She was being held in Ashland County. It was unclear what would happen next because she was wanted in Pennsylvania and Ohio for parole violation.

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