Woman Claims 7-Year-Old Daughter Attacked At School


Carrie Eldridge said her 7-year-old daughter was attacked at school.

“And grabbed her by the neck, and started to choke her, and after she was choking her, she dropped her down and then picked her up and slammed her head into the ground,” said Eldridge.

Eldridge said it happened at Tussing Elementary School. She also said she did not learn about the incident until her second grader came home from school that day.

“I would have loved for them to have called me. I mean, my daughter could have had a concussion,” said Eldridge.

Eldridge said she called the school principal and was told the incident had been handled.

While district officials concede Eldridge should have been informed of the incident immediately, they said she has been given an exaggerated version of what actually took place.

“These are two seven-and-eight-year-old girls, being seven-and-eight-year-old girls. There was no violence in this. There was an accident, it was dealt with very appropriately,” said Rob Walker, Pickerington Local Schools Superintendent.

District officials said Eldridge's daughter was sent to the nurse's office, while the student in question was sent to the office, disciplined, and is back in the classroom.

In the meantime, Eldridge has enrolled her daughter in online classes.

“He basically told me the only thing they could do is pull Abbey out of the classroom and put her in a different class because they cannot do anything like that to the other child,” said Eldridge.

Eldridge said she feels it's her innocent daughter  who is  now being punished, and she said that’s not a lesson she wants her to learn.

District officials said this incident does not meet the definition of bullying and that in order to classify as bullying, the problem must have been reported, dealt with and been repeated.

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