Woman Calls 911 Terrified, Trapped Inside Car With Suspected Drunken Driver

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Police took a man into custody after he was accused of driving a car while drunk.

Police received a phone call from a woman who said she was terrified and trapped inside the moving vehicle, her young son in the back seat.

The accused drunken driver, Douglas Strauser, now faces several charges.

From the moment police approached the vehicle, dash camera footage recorded Strauser apologizing.

“I’m so sorry,” he is heard saying.

Officers immediately removed Strauser from the vehicle, suspecting him of driving drunk.

Dash cam footage shows the man telling police he had “a little bit, not a lot” to drink that night while struggling to maintain his balance. He told officers he has a problem with equilibrium.

While on the phone with police, Strauser’s female passenger said that he was drinking and would not let her out of the car.

The woman can be heard telling officers that she felt her life was in danger on the dash camera footage.

Strauser was taken into custody after refusing a sobriety test.

“You should not be driving a vehicle, especially with that child in there,” an officer told Strauser.

Strauser faces multiple charges, including unlawful restraint and child endangering. Police said he took a breath test and blew a .31, nearly four times the legal drinking limit.

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