Woman Beaten, Robbed By Three Men

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Police were searching for three suspects who investigators say attacked a woman on Marian Drive North in South Columbus.

"I don't feel safe at all," said the victim, 63-year-old Regina Branch.

These days she spends most of her time inside her South Columbus apartment.

"I'm not going outside," said Branch.

That is because Branch said she she was walking home from a shopping center near her apartment when three men approached her.
"The next thing I remember is a tug from behind and it was my purse," Branch said.

Branch said the crooks took her purse, ID and cash.

Branch said what happened next during the attack is not clear.  She blacked out, eventually woke up in a haze, and crawled to a friend's nearby apartment, desperate for help.

"I remember crawling, crawling to her house and banging on her door."

Branch spent four days in the hospital with a concussion, but she said the injuries go beyond the physical.

"Sleeping is truly out of the question. I try to sleep but it's like I'm reliving that," said Branch.

Branch, who is legally blind and a cancer survivor, said this is just another obstacle she is trying to overcome.

"I'm still standing. I'm still standing."
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