Woman Assaulted At Local Metro Park


A woman was assaulted at a metro park in Central Ohio Sunday. It's the second incident at a park within the last month.

The first happened in February at Sharon Woods Metro Park. The Victim helped police identify and catch the suspect.

On Sunday, a woman was attacked at the Three Creeks Metro Park in Groveport.

"Just lots of bikes, lots of walkers, kids, families. I've never seen anything out here that looked bad," said trail walker Toby Bryant.

But one jogger did have the ideal scene disrupted. She was running a trail and spotted a biker following her. Instead of passing, he came up and smacked her on the behind. She says it was so hard, she thought she'd been hit by the bike.

"Sad, sad to hear that. It's sad that people can't enjoy their own space," said Lynn Walker.

The woman says she yelled. The biker hid, but started after her again. She ran toward him and shoved him. She says she was more angry than scared. She ran back to the trail head. He took off.

"I've never experienced anything like that. Hopefully it's an isolated incident. Hopefully they catch the guy," said Bryant.

The woman reported the incident to park rangers. But the whole story is all too similar to another. Last month, a jogger was attacked at Sharon Woods Metro Park. She was tackled by the suspect, but got away. He was caught.

"I'm kind of paranoid by nature anyways. I try to not get out very much in parks without him," said Toby Bryant's wife, Jennifer.

It's making people think twice about hitting the trails without a companion.

"If I was going to walk by myself, I'd probably just walk in my neighborhood," said Walker.

The suspect in the latest case has not been caught yet.

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