Woman Accused Of Setting Fire To Father’s House


A Ross County woman is charged with arson, after sources said she set fire to her father’s house.  Sources told 10TV she started the fire outside of her father’s bedroom with a flammable liquid, such as gasoline.

The fire started just after 7 a.m. on Tuesday.  The man who lived there called 911 for help.

"Dispatch: 911. Caller: Hey, my daughter just caught my house on fire. Dispatch: Is everyone out? Caller: Yeah. I'm getting the hose right now.”

But, his effort proved futile by the time crews arrived at his house on Windy-Ridge Road.

“Black smoke, billowing. It was flames shooting well above the roof,” said Huntington Twp. Fire Captain Patrick Wilt about the moments when he arrived on scene.

This was not the first time emergency crews responded to the house that day.  

An hour earlier, records show Ross County sheriff's deputies responded to a call of disorderly conduct, with 24-year-old Samantha Messer named as the suspect on that report.

About an hour later, after the fire broke out, Messer was arrested for arson.

“Well, I heard a lot of yelling and pretty rough language,” said neighbor Sandy Hartley. “Well, I could tell it was between a male and a female.”

Soon after that, Hartley said she saw the fire grow.

“All I saw was the smoke, and it was gobs of smoke. And then all of a sudden it just went poof, and you could see the flames come up."

The family told 10TV they do not want to talk to the media, since this is such a difficult time for them.

A spokesperson the State Fire Marshal’s office says their investigation continues.

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