Woman Accused Of Cutting Pizza Delivery Driver's Head With Hunting Knife

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A woman is accused of trying to strangle and then cut a pizza delivery man in northeast Columbus.

Juanita Duquesne, 19, allegedly attacked the delivery man on Tamarack Circle on Aug. 17.

Police say that around 3 p.m. that day, Duquesne and another unknown female used a plastic bag to try and strangle the victim, identified as Chris Buyno.

“Someone jumps on my back and puts a bag over my head, so I carried them up the stairs on my back and posted them up against the wall,” said Buyno.

What happened in that stairwell seemed truly unreal to Buyno.  It was something he’d never encountered delivering pizzas for Donato’s.

“When I ripped the bag off, there was another chick in front of me and she was trying to hit me with a crowbar.  I just dodged out a few times and kicked her and she ran out of the building.  Then I turned around me and the girl behind me had a knife,” Buyno said.  

During the commotion, Mary Sallah’s daughter opened her apartment door.

“One was attacking the other one saying, give me the money, give me the money,” said Sallah.  
One woman was arrested and charged with robbery with intent to inflict serious physical harm.

Plice are still looking for the second suspect.

Out of fear, Sallah slammed the door shut.  Buyno gave up his delivery money, which wasn’t much.

“They got $20 and some bread sticks,” said Buyno.

And Buyno got a nasty cut.
“Then she just stabbed me in the forehead once, kind of like a little warning.  It bled a lot.  It was bad,” Buyno said.

He said the attack would not scare him away from his job.

“Karma is what it is.  They got caught because I work for good karma and that’s what happens,” said Buyno.

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