Woman Accused Of Cancer Hoax Speaks Out

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Mindy Taylor is adamant that her doctors told her she had cancer.

The prosecutor says it's all a lie and calls Taylor a hypochondriac.

Detectives say Mindy Taylor's story of her battle with cancer began on a blogging site called CaringBridge.com.  Here, she chronicled her illness and her chemo treatments.  The site provided constant updates on Mindy's struggle with cancer, and ways to donate to her cause.

Shortly after, detectives say another page on the website was started.  Prosecutors say updates on that page came from her mother, as told by Taylor.

Taylor tells 10TV she had nothing to do with raising money.

Ross County prosecutor Matthew Schmidt says she's “never had cancer” and that "her mother wrote the updates as it was told by Mindy."

Mindy tells 10TV, "The doctors told me I had cancerous lesions.  On my records it shows I was given some medicine that's prescribed as a chemotherapy drug."

The prosecutor says he looked at Taylor's medical records and says "there was never a diagnosis of cancer".  He says her medical records are also filled with assertions she has Lupus from her, not her doctor.

Detectives say money raised from her website was spent for personal use and unrelated to cancer.

Mindy says she believed she was battling a fatal illness and didn't expect her health issues to land her in legal trouble.

"Ok, I did this.  I'll take the onus for whatever they want me to do. I'll do it. I'm not a bad person.  I've never even served detention. I want to go back to being a law abiding citizen. I do want to clear my name. If I fight this in court, I lose big. I don't want to lose my daughter.  If I can take the easy way out I will, so I can spare my family any more embarrassment."

Mindy tells 10TV as soon as she learned that she was not diagnosed with cancer, she paid everyone back.

The prosecutor says there's no proof of that, and says if she did pay people it was only because she knew she was about to get caught.

 Mindy Taylor faces a felony charge of grand theft, but has yet to enter a plea.