Woman, 91, Targeted As Part Of Continuing Telephone Scam


A 91-year-old woman in Heath said she got a phone call from a man claiming to be an investigator from her bank.

The caller claimed the bank suspected a teller had taken money from her account.

The scam is similar to one that Consumer 10 reported about in Upper Arlington.

The caller asked the woman if she would be willing to help catch the crook by withdrawing $4,500 and turning it over to the 'investigator' who would then put it back in her account.

She thought it was legitimate because the caller knew how much money she had in her account, so she met the man at the local mall and handed over the money.

The victim, who did not want her name used, said she feels pretty bad about it.

"But I was kind of gullible and, you know, deep down I thought do you suppose this is a scam?  But when they put that money right on the dot, that floored me," she said.

Heath Police said if anybody calls you claiming to be from your bank, call the police or your bank immediately. 

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