Wolfe Enterprises donates televisions to Buckeye Ranch


The Wolfe family and Dispatch Printing Company made a donation to the Buckeye Ranch that should put smiles on some young faces.

Thirty flat-screen TV’s were delivered to the ranch on Wednesday.

The children who stay at the ranch are being treated for mental health issues but they also enjoy the fun things most other kids experience.

“We keep kids very busy. they go to school here, they go to the cafeteria, the use the gymnasium. There's all the counseling efforts too. So we try to find time for kids to be kids a little bit and sometimes that can be as simple as just watching some TV. So, this is a great thing for them,” Buckeye Ranch President Nick Rees said.

“Having these children go from being troubled to being engaged and productive within society and within the community, it's something that gives for many many many years,” Dispatch Printing Company COO Joe Gallo said.

The televisions will be used in the student dorm rooms for entertainment and educational purposes.