Witnesses Say Kids Threw Rocks At Freeway, Damaging Vehicles

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Columbus Police investigate after as many as a dozen vehicles were hit by rocks along I-70 near Hamilton Road on Monday night.

One witness said he spotted two boys throwing the rocks onto the freeway.

"I saw a couple of little boys on the side of the road which I thought was weird and as I passed them I just saw one of them lob a rock and it hit my windshield," said Dennis DeYoung.

Officers searched the area from the air but did not find any suspects.

No injuries were reported, but their actions created a lot of upset during the busy evening rush.

"My first instinct was fear like why are there two little kids so close to the highway and then they threw a rock and hit my car and my attitude changed," said DeYoung.  

The damage was so severe that some drivers had to have their cars towed.

Matt Young's van was hit in several places. "It's crazy! They're going to kill somebody, it's not safe that's for sure," Young said.

Columbus Police are working on suspect descriptions as witnesses continue to give statements.