Witness Recalls Gruesome Discovery After Deadly Prairie Township Shooting


An investigation is underway after a man was found shot to death in west Columbus.

The scene along Oxley Road was hard for neighbors to process despite what some say they heard around two this morning.

"I didn't hear nothing other than the, ‘pow! pow!’ and I didn't know what was going on,” recalls neighbor Edward Lantz.

Another neighbor, Nellie Hacker, tells a similar story.  "I was in the living room watching TV and I heard, ‘pop, pop, pop,’ and I said, ‘that's no fire crackers.’"

Investigators say three hours later a passerby spotted the victim, 49-year-old William David Keen, on the side of the road and called for help.  That passerby asked 10TV not identify him due to the nature of the story.

“He had blood all over his chest and there was no type of movement or anything at all,” the witness explains.

The Franklin County Sheriff says Keen was helping a friend rehab a home on Palmetto Street and would often stay the night to protect the tools.

Neighbors say they often saw Deen, including last night.  "He was over there cleaning up the house,” recalls Hacker.

Investigators are still trying to determine if it was an attempted burglary and if so, how the victim ended up on the side of the road when he was staying in a nearby home.

Neighbors, especially those who have lived in the neighborhood for decades, say they've never dealt with anything like this before and it has them thinking twice about the place they call home.

“You have your little break-ins, but nothing like this,” Hacker worries.

As for the man who discovered the body, he’s disturbed by what occurred on Wednesday.  “It may (have been an) attempted (burglary,) but it turned into a homicide, so it makes you a little leery about living around here."