Witness Recalls Chaotic Scene During Fatal Crash in Marion


Three people are dead following a tragic, fiery crash that also injured nearly a dozen other people on Monday

Witnesses called it a horrific scene, while rescuers say they felt helpless as two cars were engulfed flames

The incident occurred on Delaware Avenue and Executive Drive before 4 p.m in Marion

According to authorities, the driver of one vehicle, Larry Dennison, Jr, 41, sideswiped another car before fleeing the area.  Troopers said Dennison then smashed into four parked cars at the intersection of Delaware Avenue and Executive Drive.  Following the crash, two vehicles burst into flames. 

One of the first people on the scene was Marianne Curry. “What I saw initially was a car and I saw flames coming out from underneath the car,” she recalls.

Curry pulled up to the intersection and her instincts took over; knowing there were several people trapped and in trouble.  “I just stopped jumped out of my car and I had work shoes on -- I mean high heel shoes on.  I remember kicking them off and running as fast as I could to where the fire was.

Curry has medical training, so she immediately jumped in, finding one victim only yards from two burning cars.  She began to help him among the chaos, and then realized there was a bigger problem

“You can hear people saying, ‘there's somebody in the car, there's somebody in the car!’  And we're all like, ‘oh my god.’”

Three family members were unable escape the flames and firefighters had not arrived yet.   Johanna and Edwin Sisson, along with their 27-year-old daughter, Amanda, died in the fire.

Curry says she can't stop replaying the images in her mind, seeing the flames coming from the cars; knowing there was nothing she could do or anyone else could do.

In addition to the three fatalities, another 11 people were taken to the hospital.  They are all expected to survive.