Winter Freeze Has Plumbers Scrambling To Fix Breaks


Jake Stollard of Ashville says it all started upstairs when the first pipe broke.

“It all collected right in here and it was all dripping on the trim and down into the floor here," says Stollard as he stood his down downstairs bathroom.

If only it had stopped here.

“We had another crack this morning and the garage was flooded," he added.

Stollard, a first time homeowner, is among thousands of people who are learning about the damage from this week's freezing temperatures.

“Not even living here a year I'm feeling the stress," he says.

Area plumbers, like Brian Decker, are also feeling the stress.

He's trying his best to answer calls for service.

“A lot of the outside walls are what's freezing and busting," says Decker.

This is job number six for him today. He's seen all kinds of problems with frozen pipes.

“I’ve had lines six, seven, or eight busts in one spot," he says.

With so many calls for service, plumbers say wait times can range from a few hours to days depending on how long repairs take.

As for Jake Stollard, whose backyard faces an open field with no protection from wind, he says he's learned a lesson the next time the mercury dips below zero.

“Know where your pipes are and make sure they are insulated,” he said.

Plumbers tell 10TV they're giving commercial properties first priority because of the amount of money they can lose by staying closed like restaurants and other retail stores.

They tell us the cost of fixing a busted pipe can run from the hundreds to the thousands depending on the number of repairs and extent of the damage.