Wife Of OH Secretary Of State Safe After Boston Explosions, Calls Situation 'Heartbreaking'


Tina Husted, wife of Secretary of State Jon Husted, participated in the Boston Marathon today and calls the explosions "heartbreaking."

"Oh my gosh, I can't believe this has happened," Husted told 10TVs Jim Heath.  "We were sitting about a block away in a van that had a bunch of athletes here together and all of a sudden we heard this huge, huge sound.  And I said that kind of sounded like a bomb.  It's just one of those sounds you can't mistake.  Then all of a sudden people started running away from the area and EMS was going toward the area and that's when we realized apparently two bombs had gone off in trash cans right by the stands near the finish line."

Husted is listed as one of the top 25 fastest American Women for 50-miles according to Ultrarunning magazine.  She had finished the Marathon earlier today.

"That's a very congested area," said Husted while describing the area where the bombs went off.  "There are hundreds and hundreds of people everywhere.  I would guess in the downtown area there were 200,000 people in a one mile radius."

Husted says athletes are devastated by the situation, many leaving Boston tonight.

"This is heartbreaking.  I was planning on spending the evening with athletes that I ran with and I immediately decided to come home.  I want to be with my family," said Husted.

Husted says runners are a tight community and this will haunt many for years to come.

"This is a huge, huge event.  We had 28,000 runners.  There are little kids in those areas.  It doesn't make sense why people have to hurt other people," said Husted.