Wife Describes North Columbus Hotel Lot Hit-Skip

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A Florida man was recovering from several injuries on Saturday after being hit by a car in the parking lot of a north side hotel.

The driver responsible remained at large Sunday morning.

Nancy Cusson said her husband, Albert, heard someone breaking into their cargo trailer around 4:30 a.m. outside their room at the Residence Inn on Huntington Park Drive.

"All of a sudden, he came running out of the bedroom. Said someone's breaking into the trailer," Cusson said.

She said she went to the room of their window and started pounding on the glass, startling the thieves. She said she saw a man or two men place the couple's generator into a car.

The car then backed out of a parking space and headed straight for her husband, Cusson said.

"Their headlights just lit him up. Then they just squealed the tires and punched on the gas as hard as they could. And I watched them drive into my husband," she said.

Albert Cusson was left lying on the pavement with cuts, scrapes, bruises and contusions.

"He flew up onto the car. He hit the windshield, and fell off the driver's side right onto his face," the wife said. "I thought I lost my husband. I didn't think he could sustain an injury like that and survive."

Paramedics took Cusson to Mount Carmel St. Ann's Hospital, where he was treated and released.

His wife said they would not be able to return to Florida on Saturday as planned because Cusson was in too much pain to travel.

Ms. Cusson said they would have stayed at a different hotel, or at least parked by the front door in view of the front desk, if they would have known there were not surveillance cameras or other security measures in place.

"I made the assumption a hotel of this stature would have some kind of parking lot monitoring system," Cusson said.

She said hoped whoever was responsible would realize how serious their actions were.

"When you decided to try to take my husband out and kill him, you made a bad decision in a split decision. And before this gets really bad for you, I want you to go down to the police department and turn yourself in," Cusson said.

Police believed the thieves drove away in a dark, mid-size, four-door Saturn or Ford sedan.

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