Widow Speaks About Alleged Murder-Suicide Plot That Almost Took Her Life


Widow Speaks About Alleged Murder-Suicide Plot That Almost Took Her Life

COLUMBUS, Ohio - The woman who was nearly killed by her husband before he took his own life is speaking to 10TV's Ashleigh Barry about her harrowing experience.

William Burgess, 45, was killed in a head-on collision with a semi Wednesday morning on State Route 104 in Lockbourne. Hours before the crash, his wife Karen said he slit her throat with a box cutter.

Burgess said she's still in a state of shock nearly four days after losing her husband and almost losing her own life. She recalls one of their final conversations in an upstairs bathroom of their Franklinton home.

"He came in behind me and was hugging me and telling how much he loved me and how proud he was to have me as his wife," she said. "I saw in the mirror that he had a box cutter behind my back and he saw me see it and that's when he grabbed my head over the sink, slit my throat and said he was going to take me with him."

She said her husband then tried to kill himself, but was unsuccessful.

Burgess said her husband had been contemplating suicide for years as he battled deep bouts of depression.

She provided the mental health paperwork and said that he was trying to manage his depression.

Just two weeks ago, she said they tried to see a doctor but were unsuccessful.

"When a grown man is standing there crying telling you he's going to kill himself and you hand him an appointment slip for three weeks out to see a doctor, yes absolutely they failed him," she said of the provider.

10TV has reached out to the healthcare provider and will update any response.

Burgess She said her husband wasn't in his right mind when he slit her neck from ear to throat, nor was he when she believes he drove head on into the semi.

It's a tragedy she believes could have been prevented and one she hopes others can learn from.

"We didn't know this was all going to fail in the end, I would have been more aggressive rather than just saying it's okay it's all part of the process," she said.