Whitehall Police Investigate Two Cases of Child Enticement

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Whitehall Police said a man tried to lure two children inside his truck with candy.

"Mother's worst nightmare. She responded instead of taking off," said the victim's mother Kimberly Desenberg.

Police said they received two reports of suspected enticement Saturday evening. It happened at the corner of Lizzie Lane and Langley Avenue and Lizzie Lane and Harbinger Court.

"I was scared. Nothing like this has ever happened before in the neighborhood. It's a pretty tight knit neighborhood," Desenberg said.

Desenberg said while her daughter and other kids were riding their bikes on Harbinger Circle in Whitehall she had no idea a man was watching the kids.

"He came into the neighborhood and came to her friend first and tried to get her into the car saying he had candy."

Minutes later, Desenberg said the same man tried to entice her 10-year-old daughter with candy. She didn't fall for it.

"She told him she doesn't eat candy. She eats vegetables. He changed it up and said he had carrots in the back of his truck," Desenberg said.

As her daughter took off down the street on her bike, the suspect fled in the opposite direction.

"I was happy at the fact that she got away. I wasn't happy with the fact that she answered any of his questions at all. If you don't know him, you don't talk to him," she said.
The suspect was last seen driving a large blue truck with flames on the hood and tailgate.

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