Whistling Teacher Quiz

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From “The Whistling Science Teacher,” most suitable for tweens and older:


1.    What is the name of your child’s best friend?
2.    How much does your child weigh? (you can miss by 4 pounds over or under)
3.    How tall is your child? (you can miss by 2 inches more or less)
4.    What was the last present you bought for your child?
5.    What is your child’s favorite flavor of ice cream?
6.    Do your child’s friends call him or her by a nickname?
7.    Name your child’s favorite song or musical group.
8.    What is your child’s favorite TV show?
9.    What subject in school does your child like best?
10.    What type of movie does your child prefer?
11.    Which would your child rather do: mow the yard or wash the dishes?
12.    Does your child have a boyfriend or girlfriend?
13.    Has your child ever tried smoking?
14.    What is your child’s favorite sport to watch?
15.    What is your child’s favorite sport to play?
16.    What is your child’s favorite color?
17.    What is your child’s favorite candy?
18.    Would your child rather spend the day at the zoo or the shopping mall?
19.    Name your child’s favorite fruit.
20.    Does your child know his mother’s maiden name?
21.    Does your child know his father’s birthday?
22.    If they had to pick, would your child choose a Ford or a Chevy?
23.    What was the last thing your child needed you to help him or her do?
24.    What was the last book you read or story you told to your child?
25.    Will your child want to help you grade this test or will they try to change the subject?

Let your child grade this test for you or ask them for the correct answers when you are done. Use a normal grading scale. That means each one counts 4 points. Miss one and you get an A (96), miss two or three and it’s a B (92 or 88). If you miss four or five, you get a C (80 or 84). If you miss six or seven, you still pass with a D (76 or 72). If you miss more than seven, it’s time to take a day off and spend it with your family!