Westerville Schools Briefly Locked Down After Man Entered Building Without Checking In


All Westerville City Schools were briefly locked down on Wednesday.

According to a letter sent to parents by Whittier Elementary School Principal Cheryl Relford, the building was locked down after a man entered the building and failed to check in with the office.

Relford said that she noticed the man and approached him to figure out why he was in the building.

The man told Relford that he was a former student from 1961-66 and wanted a tour of the building.

After confirming the man's identity, Relford said she told the man that she could not give him a tour and escorted him out of the building.

Relford said that she notified authorities of the situation because it was unusual.

Recess was held indoors, and students continued with their normal schedule, while all doors remained locked.

According to a letter sent to all district parents by Debbie Meissner, the director of health and safety services, all district buildings briefly were placed under lockdown while officials assessed the situation at Whittier.

After a few minutes, police notified all buildings that the situation was secure and that there was no threat to the buildings.

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