Westerville Police Trying To Determine If Mother Shot Heroin In Car With 9-Year-Old Daughter

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A mother was arrested Wednesday after a witness told police she spotted the woman possibly doing heroin in the parking lot of a Westerville urgent care center with her daughter in the car.

The woman was arrested in the parking lot of the Nationwide Children’s Urgent Care Center, located on Cleveland Avenue, on  possession of drug paraphernalia and possible child endangering charges after police said that two used syringes were found, one under her car seat and another in the woman’s coat.

10TV News did not name the woman because she has not been officially charged.

According to Westerville police, the woman visited the urgent care center with her 9-year-old daughter, who had a sore throat.

After being told doctors couldn’t see her for 20 minutes, the woman and her daughter went to wait in their car, police said.

That was when the witness, leaving a doctor’s appointment with her son, said she saw something suspicious.

“When I brought my son out to the car to put him in the car, there was a woman in the backseat of the car next to me, and a child in the front seat. And she had a spoon and a syringe and she had needle marks all over her arms, and it looked like she was mixing some kind of drug," the witness said.

Police said that they found a metal spoon with burnt residue and used filters in the car.

The woman who was arrested told 10TV News on Friday that there was nothing in the spoon and that she has never used drugs in the presence of her daughter.

The admitted former addict said she said does not currently use drugs, but that she’s still “fighting it.”

The mother said that the syringe under her seat belonged to friends who had left it there, and that she had seen it and tried to hide it.

She said she doesn’t blame the woman who called the police after witnessing her in the car.

“I’m not mad at the person. I probably would have done the same thing,” she said.

The woman said that she was prepared to defend herself as a fit parent.

“I’ll do everything I can to keep her,” the mother said. “I’m a good mom. I really am.”

Police said that they did not find any drugs in the vehicle and were waiting on drug test results on the syringes and the spoon to determine what charges she could face.

Children Services would not comment on the investigation.

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