Westerville Man Missing For Over A Week

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The state issued a missing adult alert for a Westerville man who vanished on January 2nd.

 The state issued an endangered missing adult alert for 38 year old James Martin.

Martin went out for drinks after work and disappeared.

"I just want to know, it's the not knowing that's driving us crazy," said Trisha Patrick.

No one, including girlfriend Trisha Patrick, seems knows what happened to Martin, known to his friends as Jamie.

"It's kind of scary right now. I mean, how can somebody go a week without money or a cell phone?" said Patrick.

No activity at all for a solid seven days. Patrick is beyond worried.

"God only knows where he is now," said Patrick.

"It's out of his element to do something like this, period," said James Staley.

Staley is Martin's boss at Ohio Steel.

"He worked when you asked him, stayed over when you asked him," said Staley.

The two have been friends for 14 years.

"Oh yeah, he's easy to get along with, as long as he ain't drinking," said Staley.

When Martin didn't show up for work Friday, Saturday and again Monday, Staley started retracing his steps. He says Martin went to the bar just down from Ohio Steel with his co-worker Thursday and had a few drinks. The co-worker ducked out to a food stand.

"Greg went over there to get something to eat, come back, by that time, Jamie was gone," said Staley.

Patrick takes the story a step further.

"They decided they didn't want him to be there any more, instead of calling them a cab, they threw them out," said Patrick.

The bar owner refused to talk with 10TV. Martin's friends wonder what happened inside and after.

"I've been stopping at every bridge, to see if, you know, he maybe veered off," said Staley.

An alert about Martin's disappearance flashes over the freeways, but hope may be waning.

"It's awful to say but it's been seven days now. What's the chances?" said Staley.

James Martin is 6'1", 155 pounds with blond hair and blue eyes. He drives a dark green, 1994 Honda Accord with Ohio plates GCA 4498.  His car is missing also.

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