Westerville Man Finds Loaded Gun In Package After Ordering Shoes On Ebay

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Westerville resident Mike Sawicki was looking for a deal and hit the internet for new winter boots.

On Ebay, Sawicki found the perfect pair, for the right price.
“Yes, it was a good deal. Like 50 percent off,” Sawicki said.
Like most smart Ebay customers, Sawicki said he did his homework. Before placing the bid Sawicki checked the sellers rating which was a solid 100 percent.
“Nothing that seemed suspicious at all,” he said.

Sawicki won the bid and his shoes arrived two days later, along with something else that he didn't expect.
“I opened the box and everything looked great. I took the boots out and they looked really nice. I went to put the box away, and I noticed something was still in it and I looked at the bottom and said that looks like a gun,” Sawicki told 10TV’s Karina Nova.

The gun was a .38 caliber hand gun delivered by the U.S. Postal Service.

But that's not all, the gun was fully loaded and had the safety off.

At that point, Sawicki said he decided to call the police.

“They were just as shocked as I was, they said this doesn't happen very often,” he said.
Columbus police now have the gun. They say they'll make sure it's not stolen and do a background check on the seller. Then police say they’ll contact the seller to find out why it was sent.

Sawicki has his own theory - “I think it's just an accident, he had his gun stashed in his boots or something like that.”

Whatever the reason, he says he wants to know for sure, how his warm winter boots arrived with a loaded gun.

“It’s a little scary it made it all the way from Florida loaded, with the safety off. I think everyone's lucky nothing terrible happened.”

EBay gave 10TV the following statement, "eBay does not allow firearms in any capacity on our site, and we’re taking this report very seriously. We’re currently working with local law enforcement to investigate this highly unusual situation, which was first brought to our attention today by 10TV News. Of course, we will take appropriate action based on the outcome of the investigation and will continue to follow the direction of our law enforcement partners."