Westerville Man, 87, Proves Best Toys Aren't Most Expensive


One man is proving that the best toys aren't always the expensive ones from big stores.

Paul Schuller, 87, has been making whistles since his boyhood days in the hills of West Virginia.

"We all carried a harmonica, a slingshot and a pocketknife in our pockets," Schuller said.

With that pocketknife, Schuller and his chums would make whistles out of Birchwood.

Schuller will turn 88-years-old next month and will carry the joy of whittling with him.

Schuller has upgraded his equipment since his childhood, using power tools to make whistles out of his Westerville garage.

He makes whistles in all shapes and sizes, out of PVC pipe, metal tubing and wood. Schuller makes slide whistles and marshmallow shooters too.

If you blow a marshmallow shooter hard enough, you can shoot a piece of candy across a room. There is no science to it, just a lot of trial and error.

Schuller said that slide whistles are the trickiest.

There's no need to worry, Schuller makes sure each whistle sounds perfect before it leaves his shop.

Schuller estimated that he's given away at least 500 whistles over the past 12 years.

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