Westerville Athletic Committee Brings Schools Together To Improve Athletics


Jacqui Hardiman knows all about athletics in the Westerville City Schools.

She has two kids in the district, one who just graduated, and they are all very involved.

“I have been very active in athletics for the last four years,” said Hardiman.

As a result she's a member of Westerville Central High School's booster group.

Now, she serves with the newly formed Westerville Interscholastic Athletic Committee.

Organizer Charles Moore said the idea came about when the district was struggling to get a levy passed.

Moore said parents realized at that time that the more money they could raise the less of a pinch people will feel.

“At this time, our focus is primarily athletics and make sure that we can keep our community competitive with the rest of the communities around us. So, our focus is to keep the play-to-pay down as much as we can,” said Charles Morris of Westerville.

They are also trying to help the booster groups at each high school.

“We take those strengths and incorporate them together to try to create a stronger unified effort where we can raise larger funds without tasking on the community any greater,” said Morris.

For a fundraising event held at Westerville Central, the group has decided to use at all three schools.

"So taking all of those learnings and bringing it to this event made it really easy,” said Hardiman.

The fundraiser was a Casino Night. Hardiman said it raised $20,000 when Central High did it alone last year.

"We are hoping to double that with all three schools, and I think that is really doable. It's an aggressive goal, and we are going to need a lot of community support but I think it is definitely doable,” said Hardiman.

Parents said their children, and school athletics, are worth it.

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