West Columbus Neighborhood Stands Up Against Crime After Shooting


An alleged burglary suspect is shot by a homeowner, but it all happened in a neighborhood already taking steps against intruders.

"We're a nice quiet, little community, we just like to try to keep ourselves safe,"  said block watch captain Doug Moody.

But the quiet pocket near Londonderry and Delganey on the Columbus' west side was just thrown into the limelight because of a shooting.

Neighbors say a homeowner found a burglar in his home and shot him.  They say the man ran out, collapsed in the yard and was taken to the hospital.

"He did it and he paid the consequences which is a shame, you know, that's the risk you take,"  said neighbor Matt Statmiller.

The quiet neighborhood has, for some reason, become a target lately.

"I don't know if they actually get in or not. They might have tried to open up a door or window," Statmiller said.

Thieves are breaking in.

"In the past two months we've had about 6 or 7 with several car break ins," said Moody.

Moody says in the 11 years prior to that, since he's been here, he'd known of two break-ins.  Neighbors decided to take action.

"We're video-taping people as they're coming in and out of the neighborhood, we're taking down license plates, vehicle makes and models anything suspicious that we see then reporting it to police,"  said Moody.

10TV contacted police but were unable to get an update on the condition of the man who was shot.  He was in critical condition when he was taken from the scene.
They're also keeping quiet about any investigation.