West Columbus Neighborhood On Edge After Bullets Hit Homes, Cars


People in a West Columbus neighborhood are a little more on edge after a number of shots were fired into their homes and cars early Friday morning.

Residents on Avondale Avenue said the bullets never traveled inside their homes, but they caused enough damage and made enough noise to rattle everyone to the core.

Yashana Lawrence said she woke up to the gunfire.  "I heard pop, pop, pop, pop, pow."

Bullets sliced through the siding of her home.

"So I jump up and look out the window and I see a little white car parked…and I see the guys jump back in the cars and pull off and go down the street," Lawrence said.

Even more worrisome, was that she said her young children were asleep on the very side of the house that was shot.  "So if anybody got hit, it would have been me and my daughter or one of my youngest babies."

"I was mad, I was angry when my mom first told me. I was angry, I was highly upset," Lawrence’s son Nyrek said.

Nyrek said he was not home at the time of the shooting, but, their next-door neighbor Teresa Beachman said she had a full house when bullets pierced her walls.

"We woke up to a bunch of gun shots," Beachman said.

Beachman said the gunman also fired several shots at her van, causing radiator fluid to spill in the streets and upwards of $100 dollars in repairs.

"We hear gun shots in the neighborhood, off and on, but we never hear them quite so close and nothing this close to home," Beachman said.

Neither family said they know why the shooting happened or who pulled the trigger.

What they did say, is they now worry about something so basic- safely walking in and out of their own homes.

”I'm glad that nobody got hurt, regardless of the situation or the reason, I'm glad nobody got hurt.   But it was senseless," said Beachman.

Lawrence told 10TV she moved her family to the area to escape the violence plaguing their previous neighborhood.

Now they said they were thinking of moving again.  "Might be time to get out."

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