Wedding Ring Reunited With Couple Decades After Loss

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Never is one of those absolutes: broken only by a little miracle or a stroke of luck.

Whatever you call it, the walls of never came tumbling down in an old barn near Zanesville.

The barn is one of the oldest in the area.  And it’s why it was getting a makeover.  Workers were busy pulling up boards when one of them found a tiny treasure.

“(The worker) happened to see it.  It wasn't like he was looking for a ring.  He was working on the floor,” laughs Jeff Iden.   

The very floor people and animals have walked over thousands of times over the decades.

Jeff dared to think an almost impossible thought: “this had to be my dad’s ring.”

He took the ring to his father, who put it on.

It still fit.

“I was dumbfounded really,” says Darrell Iden, Jeff’s father.  It had been 61 years since he last saw the token of love. 

March 2, 1952 was the date.

The ring Myrna Iden slipped on Darrell's finger once upon a time disappeared during chores about a year after the wedding day.

“How did you come in and say, ‘honey I lost my ring?’  It was hard to say.  She wanted to go out right way and hunt for it,” Darrell recalls.

They looked high and low: no ring.

Myrna jokes that she never got a new ring because she figured Darrell would lose another one.

“Another wouldn't have taken its place.”

Life moved on and Darrell and Myrna became parents.  There were grandchildren, more weddings and great grandchildren.

And then, the symbol of where it all began came back to them; bringing with it some humor and plenty of sentiment about a wonderful relationship.

“They’ve been a great example, mom and dad, and I’m very proud of them,” says Ron Iden.

Recalling their journey, Myrna says she and Darrell have had a good life.  “A good life together.”

The couple says they didn’t need a ring to have a successful marriage.  But they do admit it’s nice to have it back.

Perhaps the biggest gift of the discovery is the opportunity to shine a light on a marriage that has - in the Idens’ words - had its ups and downs, but has stood the test of time: unbroken like the ring.

Their secret:  never get mad at each other at the same time.