WBNS-10TV Is Again The Central Ohio Favorite

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WBNS-10TV continued its dominance in local news and syndicated programming during a successful May ratings period, winning key time periods, from sign-on to sign-off, including every local newscast, the station announced Thursday.

The month of May also marked the final sweeps period for Andrea Cambern, who signed off as 10TV's prime anchor after 20 years of service to the station and central Ohio community.

WBNS-10TV finished May sweeps and the 2011-12 TV season with wide margins of victory, and increased viewership over last year. The station showed significant growth over last May and 10TV News HD at 4:25 a.m. continued to improve its local news viewership over competing stations.

"We are pleased to see yet more growth in our morning news block," said Elbert Tucker, 10TV's Director of News. "We designed these newscasts with direct viewer feedback in mind. More people are choosing 10TV News because of the resources we've committed to new, fresh and up-to-the-minute coverage."

The May 2012 sign-on/sign-off victory was a result of combining hard, local breaking news, groundbreaking investigative reports and stories that matter. 10TV had a busy May, delivering big stories, investigating viewer crime tips and exposing big government waste.

Cambern also sat down for a one-on-one interview with Ohio State athletic director Gene Smith.

Local News Highlights

  • 10TV News HD at 4:25 a.m. (3.0 rating, 13 share), with Jeff Hogan, Angela An and Mike Davis, leads WCMH by 1.8 rating points and 8 share points.
  • 10TV News HD at 5 a.m. (4.7 rating, 19 share), with Jeff Hogan, Angela An, Mike Davis and Karina Nova, is up .5 rating points year-to-year with over twice the audience of its nearest competitor.
  • 10TV News HD at 6 a.m. (5.7 rating, 19 share) with Jeff Hogan, Angela An, Mike Davis and Karina Nova, continues to rule the time period. The newscast holds a 1.2 rating point advantage over its nearest competitor.
  • 10TV News HD at Noon (8.1 rating, 26 share), with Tracy Townsend and Mike Davis, continues to be Columbus' No. 1 newscast in the time period. An 8.1 rating has put 10TV 6.5 rating points above WCMH and 4.6 rating points over second-place WSYX.
  • 10TV News HD at 5 p.m. & 5:30 p.m. (7.4 rating, 17 share) continue to lead all competitors in the time period. 10TVNews HD, with Andrea Cambern, Jerry Revish and Chris Bradley, beat second-place station WCMH by 3 rating points and WSYX by 3.3 rating points. 10TV News HD at 5:30 p.m., with Kurt Ludlow and Tracy Townsend, continued to solidify WBNS-10TV News HD as Central Ohio's News Leader, propelling its dominance into the 6 p.m. hour.
  • 10TV News HD at 6 p.m. (8.5 rating, 18 share), with Andrea Cambern, Jerry Revish, Chris Bradley and Dom Tiberi, is once again central Ohio's top-rated 6 p.m. newscast. It holds a 2.8 rating point advantage in the time period.
  • 10TV News HD at 11 p.m. (9.1 rating, 17 share), with Andrea Cambern, Jerry Revish, Chris Bradley and Dom Tiberi, is the leader in late news again, now with a 3.6 rating point lead over its competitors.

Daytime Programming Highlights

  • Live with Kelly (3.2 rating, 10 share) continues to perform well in this time period.
  • Let's Make A Deal (3.6 rating, 12 share) leads all other programming in the time period.
  • Price is Right (5.7 rating, 19 share) remains number one with viewers over programming on WCMH, WSYX and WTTE, beating its closest competitor by 73 percent.
  • The Talk (3.5 rating, 11 share) continues to receive strong ratings, overtaking its closest competitor by .7 rating points and 2 share points.
  • Dr. Phil (5.4 rating, 15 share) remains the favorite in daytime television and leads its closest competitor by 2.2 rating points.
  • Dr. Oz (3.8 rating, 9 share) continues to perform well in the time period.

Access/Primetime/Late Fringe Highlights

  • Jeopardy (8.4, 17 share) & Wheel of Fortune (6.1 rating, 12 share) remain Columbus' top programs in the prime access hour, with Jeopardy holding a commanding lead over all other programs in the period, in both rating and share.
  • CBS Prime (9.6rating, 15 share), is the favorite in Columbus again with a 15 share of viewing Monday-Sunday.
  • Letterman (3.7 rating, 9 share) continues to maintain its lead over The Tonight Show by .3 rating points and 1 share point.

The numbers contained in this release are based on May 2012 Nielsen Preliminary Overnight Live +7 as available (28 of 28 days, April 26-May 23).

The Dispatch Broadcast Group includes WBNS-TV, WBNS-AM/FM, Ohio News Network and Radio Sound Network in Columbus; WTHR-TV and WALV-LP in Indianapolis; Dispatch Interactive Television in Columbus and Indianapolis.