Watchdog 10: Thousands Of Dollars, Clerical Area Treasurer Missing From Columbus City Schools


At the main office for the Columbus City School District, state auditors are trying to figure out what happened to thousands of dollars missing from the district.

A clerical area treasurer, Tina Dorsey, is under suspicion in connection with the missing money, also is missing.

“I can confirm we are doing what we call a special audit of a treasurer,” said Carrie Bartunek, a spokeswoman for the Ohio State Auditor’s Office.

Watchdog 10 learned that officials became suspicious when receipts and cash from meal programs and athletic events came up short. The state is looking into whether the clerical area treasurer in charge of that money took it.

At district headquarters, no one would answer questions on cameras.

Watchdog 10 asked how much money was missing, and district officials said that they did not know exactly how much was gone.

According to district estimates, between $2,000 and $10,000 is missing, along with Dorsey, who has not been in contact with district officials for three weeks.

Dorsey’s mother said that she has not seen her daughter in days.

“I don’t know (what’s going on),” Dorsey’s mother said. The woman said that her daughter had not mentioned anything about missing money.

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