Watchdog 10: Police Lieutenant Found To Have Falsified Overtime Slips At Least 9 Times


Internal affairs documents from the Columbus Division of Police revealed that a police lieutenant accused of falsifying overtime documents did so on multiple occasions.

According to the documents that Watchdog 10 obtained on Friday, Lt. Troy Casner, who was placed on desk duty Wednesday following the investigation, was found to have falsified overtime documents at least nine times between Aug. 29 and Sept. 17 last year.

Documents also stated that Casner was accused of failing to supervise narcotics operations five times.

During an internal affairs interview with a sergeant, the officer told investigators that Casner had been missing from a search warrant execution that the lieutenant said he was present at.

When questioned by an investigator about a day for while he asked for overtime, Casner admitted to being in Canada and said that he made a “mistake,” according to the documents obtained by Watchdog 10.

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