Watchdog 10: Audit Finds Almost $1 Million In Medicaid Fraud


The Ohio Auditor’s office looked at seven Medicaid providers including nurses, home healthcare, and medical transports.

Six of the seven companies committed fraud, according to the audit. Only a Columbus transport company was found to have accurately billed Medicaid for its services.

The state auditors said the information gleaned in the audits proves these Medicaid providers are intentionally ripping off taxpayers.

“You know, the kinds of cases that we bring aren’t where we had a mistake here or there.  There's a pattern that has gone on over, and over, over, time,” said Ohio Auditor Dave Yost.

For example, the report showed that a Grove City Nursing assistant fraudulently billed for $7,300 worth of services she didn't provide.

Others listed included a Reynoldsburg nurse who billed more than $12,000 worth of fake charges and a Pierpont nurse who was paid nearly $200,000 she was not entitled to receive.

There was also a Cleveland Medical Transport company that took in more than a half-million dollars it didn't deserve.

The total amount of fraudulent charges discovered in just six providers was nearly $886,000.

“There was a nurse who was actually photocopying her notes for each visit so she wasn't writing new notes for a visit this week, she was photocopying a visit that might have happened a week, or a month or two months ago and including that as documentation for services that were supposedly provided.

Obviously, we question whether they ever were,” said Yost.

Yost said his office is determined to root out fraud wherever it exists.

“The message is if you do this, stop it right now, because we are going to be looking and we will find you,” said Yost.

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