Washington Court House Man Faces Child Sex Charge


A Fayette County man faces charges of gross sexual imposition after investigators say he had inappropriate sexual contact with an underage girl.

21-year-old Tony Bonham was arrested June 17th.

Since his arrest, some parents have taken to facebook to say he tried to get their children to pose for him in his photography studio.

Bonham's estranged wife says the allegations caught her by surprise.

"It just makes me so mad," said Heather Bonham about her estranged husband's charges. "It's just…it's sick. It really is. It's just disgusting."

She says the couple had their problems before separating this past winter, but she never suspected he would do anything inappropriate to underage girls.

"He didn't show any affection to young women or young teens," Heather Bonham said.

Tony Bonham left the Fayette County Jail on June 18th after posting bond.

10TV spoke with him on the phone Thursday evening.

He says nothing physical or sexual took place with the alleged victim.

He claims her family just does not like him.

He took to facebook to share more of his side of the story.

Bonham wrote the following: "Don't believe anything bad (you) may hear about me on Facebook. It's all lies. I was arrested but never did anything and I am innocent."

Some of those facebook references he mentioned include comments like the following:

"(Bonham) wanted my 11-year-old to model for his so-called business. I don't think so! I don't even know this creeper!"

"WARNING! There is a guy posting on here wanting models for his photography studio. KEEP YOUR KIDS AWAY FROM HIM!"

Bonham tells 10TV he was just looking for models to help get a photography side business off the ground.

His estranged wife is urging parents to beware.

"Keep close tabs on their daughters. See what he's posting and asking them. Check their messages and be a little more secure in everything," Heather Bonham said.

Detectives tell 10TV they are looking into the facebook postings as part of their ongoing investigation.

They are asking any other possible victims to come forward.

Tony Bonham is scheduled to be in court on July 1st.