Washington Court House Authorities Look For Answers After Body Found In Car


Investigators hope an autopsy will reveal what happened to a woman whose badly decomposed body was discovered in a car in Washington Court House.

Neighbors tell 10TV that they first noticed the woman's car parked in the 1100 block of east Temple Street early Friday morning.

It wasn't until dinner time on Sunday evening that the body was discovered.

“It's just weird. It trips me out that something like that could happen,” said Wayne Wilson.

Wilson says at first he didn't pay any attention to the car parked directly in front of his house.

“Because my neighbors there have a teenage daughter, her friends park in front of my house all the time,” he added.

But he can't fathom how it took so long.

“The street's busy, everybody walking up and down the sidewalks and nobody seen her.”

Wilson says he was the one who caught a glimpse of the woman's knee. He says he told his friend, Millard Harmon, to tap on the car window and wake her up.

“I got two knocks out before it dawned on me. Just unbelievable gruesome,” said Millard Harmon.

Washington Courthouse police say there were no obvious signs of trauma to the decomposed body or evidence of foul play. The men who made the gruesome discovery hope an autopsy will identify the woman.

Police are tight lipped about the investigation, but neighbors tell 10TV they're hopeful a surveillance camera at a check cashing business directly across the street captured an image of the woman's car.