Warrant Issued For Arrest Of Man Connected To Shooting Outside Elementary School


Columbus police are looking for a 30-year-old man, who they believe fired shots outside an elementary school that injured two people.

A spokesperson with Columbus City Schools says students at Liberty Elementary School were not injured or involved in the shooting, which occurred around 3:30 p.m. Thursday in southeast Columbus.

The incident caused the school to go on lockdown and many parents to panic, while details of the shooting were still unfolding.

Hours after the shooting, detectives say they arrested 32-year-old Artica Woolfork, but are still searching for 30-year-old Arthur Woolfork.

According to the arrest warrants, as well as information from detectives, the Woolforks shot and injured 20-year-old Tywan Stewart and 14-year-old Gregory Glaves Junior, after a heated argument over a stolen cell phone.

“This shocks me that it just happened right there, when the little kids were getting out of school,” said Columbus student, Christian Hendrix.

Hendrix said he had just gotten off the bus moments before the shooting. “My mom was concerned about me, cause she thought I was in it,” said Hendrix.

He says he plays basketball with the two, who were shot, and hopes for their recovery.

“I would say there is no reason for them to get shot because they were good people, from what I saw. So, I pray for the families and everything like that,” said Hendrix

Extra police presence was seen around the school on Friday in the wake of the double shooting.

“I typically do bring him in the mornings, so not different. I did tell him to expect a lot of police officers today, so when we started pulling up and he saw everything he was like 'wow'. But he does feel safe. I'm a praying mom so I pray over him daily. I kind of had that comfort yesterday, but I still needed to know my child was o.k.,” said parent Tameko Martin.

Both shooting victims are expected to recover. The 20-year-old was shot in the foot and the 14-year-old was hit in the leg.

The suspects are both facing two felony counts of felonious assault.