Wanted Fugitive Tracked Down By Hilliard Intel, Columbus S.W.A.T.

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A man wanted for a bank robbery near Hilliard and outstanding warrants for drugs was caught Saturday by police.

The suspect, Jeremy Reynolds Junior, was believed to be in Florida, but new intel from Hilliard's police department placed him in Columbus, and that intel proved correct.

Police arrested him near Grandview Heights at the intersection of West 5th Avenue and Broadview Avenue.

Police say they tracked Reynolds down at a funeral home.  They say he was attending his girlfriend's relative’s funeral, but when they tried to stop him, he took off.

“Thank God. This area is so busy. Something really bad could have happened if he would have t-boned somebody straight on. I mean, that could have been fatal,” said Grandview Heights resident Elizabeth Bremer.

Looking at her broken bumper on the ground, Elizabeth Bremer thinks back to that moment.

“I heard the sirens, but I had seen him speed the other way a couple streets down. So, I just figured they were back there. I didn't know he had turned around,” said Bremer.

Bremer said she had just finished grocery shopping, and was heading home. At that same time, police say Jeremy Reynolds Junior, 41, was on the run.

“When they moved in, collapsed on him to make the apprehension, he fled in his vehicle,” said Columbus S.W.A.T. Sgt. Joe Podolski. “They were following him, and he was trying to elude them and they were trying to get a marked cruiser here to get him stopped.”

Undercover S.W.A.T. officers followed Reynolds until he went an intersection, where he hit Bremer's car, and then crashed into a tree.  Police said Reynolds then ran from his car on foot, but not for long.

“That's when the use of a taser was able to bring him down,” said Sgt. Podolski.

A man, wanted for years by several police departments, is now under arrest.

Bremer, caught in the midst of it all, says she's still a bit shaky, but glad no one else was hurt.

“Lots of cars, lots of foot traffic, a lot of people walk around here. I mean, someone could have been walking through that intersection. I mean, terrible,” said Bremer.

Police say Reynold's girlfriend also had outstanding warrants and was arrested.

Police say Reynolds now faces outstanding charges for bank robbery, possession of drugs, a probation violation, and others.   He also faces a new citation for the traffic crash.

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