WalMart Theft Turns Into Brawl With Store Security, Deputy

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A theft from WalMart turned into a brawl last week when deputies say the suspect tried to run.

The responding deputy talked about the incident Friday night with 10TV. He says he was hit by the get-away car, but didn't give up the fight.

It happened at the WalMart Super Center on Columbus Pike in Lewis Center.

According to the incident report, the accused thief was trying to get away with about $300 worth of items from WalMart.

Deputies say he pushed his cart past the checkout counters without paying.

"When I got there, the suspect was fighting with the loss prevention guy," said Delaware County Deputy Dan Maurer.

It may have started as a theft, but Deputy Maurer says it turned into an all-out struggle.

"The lost prevention guy stopped him at the door and they got in a struggling match, like a physical match, like they were physically pushing each other," said Deputy Maurer.

Deputy Maurer says the alleged thief had a cart filled with DVD's, car batteries, and other household items.

Once the deputy showed up, the suspect allegedly left the cart and tried to run away, but he didn't get far.

"He had a hoodie on, so I had a hold of him and he was getting into the car," said Deputy Maurer.

Maurer says 36-year-old Nicole Montalbano pulled up in the car and hit the deputy in the hip while the accused thief, 29-year-old Sonny Wiseman, tried to get in the back of the car.

"He had opened the door of the car and jumped in while I still had ahold of him. He grabbed onto the handle and the head rest and was able to pull himself into the car while I was holding on to him," said Maurer.

Deputy Maurer says he let go for safety's sake, but not without getting the license plate number of the car.

"Every day we go out here, we don't know what we're going to face. Everything's always different and a common civil complaint can turn into a mess. Just everything can go south like that," said Maurer.

Minutes later, he says other deputies spotted the car and arrested Montalbano and Wiseman. In the back seat of the car, he says they found a startling surprise: a four year old girl.

"I can't believe they did it with a kid in the car and we actually charged them with child endangerment for it," said Maurer.

Montalbano and Wiseman are also facing charges of assault, theft, and obstructing official business. Maurer says the child was not hurt and is in the care of her grandparents.