VP Biden's Son Campaigns In Ohio For Dems


Vice-president Joe Biden's son, Beau, spoke with a small group in Columbus about the administration's record on veterans' issues on Thursday.

Beau Biden is an elected official as the Attorney General of the state of Delaware. He is also an Iraq War veteran.

Biden talked about his father, who has a reputation for making gaffes. Nevertheless, Beau said most Americans appreciate the current VP.

"My dad says what's from his heart and what's in his head.  I think that is why so many people love him, and look, he was the most watched speaker at the Democratic convention and I think that's because Americans relate to him," Biden said. "I think middle class Americans relate to him, and understand he says exactly what he believes."

This is the first time since 1932 that no one from the major parties running for president or vice-president has had military experience.

That is what makes Beau Biden's war record so appealing to Democrats this year.

President Obama and Mitt Romney are campaigning in the same state for a third-straight day Thursday when they will be in Virginia after spending Wednesday in Ohio.

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