Voters Rights Amendment Fails To Make 2014 Ballot

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Supporters of a constitutional amendment to lock in voting procedures in Ohio managed to collect about 100,000 petition signatures in 90 days, but it is far below the required amount they needed to qualify for the November ballot.

"I'm not disappointed, I'm actually excited about the progress that everyday grassroot citizens have been able to do," said state Rep Alicia Reece.  "We have results, we have a great foundation and so I'm confident we can get this done."

If approved by voters the amendment would cement in the state constitution voting procedures like early voting, weekend before the election voting and online voter registration.

"We had a bipartisan agreement after the Bush election in 2004, but it was just a law," said Reece.  "Now less than a decade later it's being dismantled.  So it's important that we put these rules and protections in the constitution and spell it out."

Supporters needed to turn in over 385,000 valid signatures by tomorrow in order for the issue to be on the November ballot.

Reece says the goal now is to have the amendment on the November, 2015 ballot.

She says supporters will soon open a state office and hold a statewide conference on voting rights.